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Universal ALSA Config

As you may already know ALSA is a difficult to configure Linux sound API with no documentation but a single barely useful article written by the developers. You can stick with ALSA unless you want something more than using speakers and a microphone with a simple internal sound card.

Here you can find a universal ALSA config file that makes your speakers and microphone work. It is split into two files, put both of them in /etc. The first one, asound.conf, contains configuration along with good documentation of what is exactly going on. The one named sound_card.conf tells ALSA what sound card it has to use, thus, you have to substitute yours. In order to get a list of available cards, use aplay -l command.

Good external sound cards are capable of doing things like mixing and volume control without software/ALSA support. If you have one, then the only thing you have to do, I guess, to make things work, is to select a proper sound card. Here is a config that you need.

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